Memories of Celtic Connections

January’s Celtic Connections festival seems like the dim and distant past now, but thankfully great memories linger.

Reuniting with Deaf Shepherd was a really special moment, playing music from past albums and from our more recent times, including some tunes written by Malcolm Stitt and stunning songs from John Morran. It was a great feeling to stand alongside Clare, John, Mark, Finlay and Malcolm and revisit the sets we used to play. It had been 9 years since the last ‘Deafies’ gig so the invitation to come together again sparked excitement and nerves in equal measure. We had so much fun, I’m sure we’ll it’ll not be another 9 years before we take to the stage again.
The anniversary gigs kept coming and with Blazin’ Fiddles turning 20 in 2018 we played the Kings Theatre to mark the end of an amazing year of concerts across the UK and of course our tour with Karen Matheson in the summer of 2018.  
Karen joined us for the our first ever performance in the Kings – what a venue. Usually known more for panto than folk music, it was quite a treat to be behind the scenes in this iconic venue.
Last but not least was the launch of my new album ‘Working Hands’.  This was the culmination of 18months work, writing, rewriting, late nights… deadline was simple, my daughters birth in October 2017.  I knew time would be non-existent following her arrival and therefore I had to complete the writing, recording and rehearsal.
A Celtic Connections date is a very real deadline and we made it. Playing this music for the first time ever in the New Auditorium, with Harris Playfair and McFall’s was exhilarating.  I am so thankful to everyone who came out to listen and support me, playing in that room to such a huge crowd was thrilling and completely unforgettable.

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