Shetland Traditional Fiddle Tunes


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Play along with Jenna and Bethany Reid with this brand new full album and book combination – ‘Shetland Traditional Fiddle Tunes’ is the new publication from award winning Shetland fiddler and fiddle teacher. Played at a steady pace and accompanied with bowings, you can enjoy your favourite fiddle tunes at a comfortable speed.
The perfect gift for a lover of tunes and a great resource for your own practise.
Jenna’s new book features 10 tracks on the album and 21 tunes, each one with bowing marked in.
Track listing :
1. Faroe Rum
2. Andowin’ at da Bow

3. Forfeit o’ da Ship

4. Oliver Jack

5. Willafjord

6. Da Brig

7. Garster’s Dream

8. Da Fields o’ Foula

9. Ferry Reel

10. Lay dee at dee

11. Jack Broke the Prison Door

12. Donald Blue

13. Sleep Soond ida Moarnin’

14. Lasses Trust in Providence

15. Boannie Isle o’ Whalsay

16. Sigurd o’ Gord

17. Papa Stour Bridal March

18. Unst Bridal March

19. Maggie o’ Ham

20. Bethany’s Waltz

21. Christmas Day ida Morning


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