Songs From Jenna Reid

Back in 2016 I recorded a Song EP, how is it now 2020? In the last four years we’ve moved house, had another baby and I released my 5th solo fiddle album.
This little collection of songs was always on my mind and I was mindful of the time passing by.  It became something that I’d get around to finishing sometime and as time passed it got lower down the list of things to do.  It wasn’t pressing, no festival deadline or tour to go on (quite happily) and so it just sat still for some time.
But here it is now, all finished and with the help of recording engineer Angus Lyon who also played piano and accordion and Kevin Mackenzie who ably assisted on guitar. I really loved the change of head space, out of the world of instrumentals, dipping my toe into the world of slow songs.

‘Songs from Jenna Reid’ will be available to download from my website on Monday 24th February.

I hope you enjoy it. X

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