Telescope, Telescope

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I’m over the moon to say I’ve written my first children’s book, I’m an author!

Telescope, telescope is a story I wrote inspired by my own birthplace of Shetland and my up bringing there. Full of charm, music and community. 
I’ve loved thinking back to memories of rural life. My own children have inspired me so much with their incredible imaginations and love of reading and drawing. 

I have 5 signed copies available here as well!

I’m thrilled to be published by the Shetland Times bookshop,

a favourite haunt of mine as a child. My thanks goes out to them. Sincere thanks also to Sarah McKie for proof reading and Malachy Tallack for editing. 

You can also buy the audio version of Telescope, Telescope here!

I'm so happy to share this with you.

And I hope your children find it magical!

Read along with me at the link here and imagine all the sights and sounds from your window.