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Working Hands

Back in 2012 I had taken some lessons with violinist Robert McFall, a member of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and founder of Mr McFalls Chamber, a group known for working in every genre know to man and playing some of the most inspiring music you could ever hear.
Classical violin lessons were a completely new thing for me. I had always wanted the chance to work on sound production and general technique and I guess this is where the idea began, to compose music for string quartet accompanying me on fiddle and with fellow Shetlander Harris Playfair on piano.
Fast forward a few years and life had become pretty busy. Newly married and having become a mum for the first time, and my second baby on the way, my allowance of time to write was pretty tight.
So I set about it most evenings, and I was determined to complete it before my daughter was born. Looking back I probably spent 6-8 months writing new fiddle tunes and the string arrangements that would complete the album.
Harris and I recorded for a day when I was probably about 8 months pregnant – I had to sit down for that recording session. It was such a lovely day, so peaceful and relaxing, just the two of us in the studio and no rushing or stressing. Harris is a joy to work with.
What followed was the tricky bit, pinning down McFalls Chamber for studio dates. We managed 9 hours.
They are the busiest and best I know.
My husband Iain added percussion and our friend Stuart Semple played drums, I’ve always wanted to get them playing on a session together. They’re great friends and fantastic musicians.
So, this my 5th album is complete. It’s different to everything else I have done and I’m delighted to present it to you.
For our hands that are our most precious tools; ‘Working Hands’.
Jenna Reid, Jenna Reid Music, Jenna Reid Fiddler, Scottish Music, Scottish Folk Music, Scottish Fiddle Music

Teaching Update

Teaching fiddle is something I used to do very regularly and I really enjoyed it. However since having my two children and everything that comes with that I decided to hang up my teaching hat and take a break for a while.
I haven’t gone back to any private lessons but in the past few months I began a weekly fiddle group in Glasgow, teaching Shetland music by ear.
Its been a lovely thing.  Grabbing time to find new tunes isn’t always very easy but I come home energised and full of tea and biscuits which is no bad thing and it’s a great group of people.
If you’d like to join in, feel free to give me a shout at The class is aimed at intermediate players. There are some advanced players who attend so anyone is welcome, providing you’re happy to learn a couple of tunes by ear. We learn new music each week so perfect attendance is not necessary 😉